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On the Use of Tamīmah/Taʿwīdh

This is what is depended upon to hang taʿwādhāt on the necks of young children and it has criticism [fī-hī kalām] Bismillah Walhamdulillah wa-al-Ṣalātu wa-al-Salām ʿalá Rasulillah alhamdulillāh wa-al-ṣalātu wa-al-salāmu ʿalá nabiyyinā wa habeeibnaa Muḥammad The ḥadīth of ʿAmr ibn Shu`ayb, from his father, from his grandfather [`Amr ibn al-`Aas], that the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ used to teach them for fearful situations the words: ‘I seek refuge in Allāh’s perfect words from His wrath, the evil of His servants, the whispered insinuations of devils, and lest they come to me.’...

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