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The Salafī Doesn’t Say: “I Can’t Take Any More Fitnah”, Rather, He Remains Firm!

Shaykh Ḥamzah ʿAbd al-Razzāq

Ustādh Hamzah ʿAbd al-Razzāq is asked about fitnah, hating it, running from it, hiding when it appears, is this the correct position? The noble brother explains that fitnah is a reality of this world. We will be tested and tried, over and over. There is no flawless life. Everyone will taste pain. Ibn al-Qayyim (raḥimahullāh) said: being a human being is a fitnah! Holding together a community is fitnah, facing attacks is fitnah, taking the right position is fitnah. There’s nowhere to run. Allāh has decreed that we will be tested, and then we will be ultimately judged. He explains that if we understand the Book and the Sunnah, we would not say: “I hate fitnah”. We would understand it is to be expected and we have to be firm and resolute, not cowering and running. We should be patient, we should love to defend and protect the Sunnah and its people. Fitnah purifies, fitnah raises (statuses), fitnah diminishes (statuses). In fact, the trials will intensity, becoming more difficult, what will we do? People close to you may betray you, how will you handle it? The person of Sunnah does not say: I’m tired of fitnah.
Published: June 20, 2019
Edited: March 12, 2023


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