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Advice to the Salafī Sisters of Toronto

Shaykh Abū Khadījah

A heartfelt advice to the sisters at Masjid al-Furqān (TROID) arranged upon their request. Many issues related to marriage and family relations are discussed.

Some of the discussion points – 

  • Follow up an evil deed with a good deed
  • Seek Allāh’s forgiveness for your mistakes
  • When you fall short, when you sin…don’t despair, don’t turn away O Sister!
  • Be moral, be upright!
  • Have your guardian seek an individual (for you) who is truthful, honest, upright upon Salafīyyah and able to provide for you
  • Ask the suitor: which masjid, which centre…who do you associate with (Arqam, Abū Huayrah)? Who are your men (associates)?
  • What will he (potential husband) teach your children? Uṣūl al-Sittah of Muḥammad Ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb or the Uṣūl of Jamaa’atut-Tableegh?
  • Show kindness towards your parents, make sure he (the suitor) honours his parents, if he doesn’t honour them, he won’t honour you or your parents
  • Learn Tawḥīd, this is an obligation upon you like the pillars of Islām and conditions of the prayer
  • Salafīyyah is all encompassing, we don’t focus on one area and neglect all else (like the ḥizbiyyūn), we are balanced and focus on all areas of the dīn.


[Q1]: Some of the sisters are known for gossiping and complaining amongst each another, can you please advise us on how to handle this?

[Q2]: How is my husband to treat my own parents?

[Q3]: My husband does not do anything special for me, he believes buying me food is enough?

[Q4]: I see some of my friends when they are in the gatherings of mixed sisters….(different manāhij/masājid)?

[Q5]: I know a sister whose husband is oppressing her by accusing her of cheating and talking to other men; he doesn’t provide for her and forces her to work; he then threatens her with divorce, what should she do?

[Q6]: Is going to the classes at al-Huda Institute (Mississauga) allowed [Walīd Basyouni, Tawfique Chaudhry, Zakir Naik, Kamel el-Mekki]?

[Q7]: Someone with good character and good religion proposes, you decline because you are too young…and want to pursue the knowledge of the dunyā (secular sciences)?

[Q8]: What do you advice to sisters who are trying to find brothers but find it difficult…?

[Q9]: Some sisters wear jilbābs that outline their shape…?

[Q10]: How do you advise mothers who have children who have gone astray and do not act modestly and do bad deeds behind their parents (backs)?

[Q11]: Why are women the most punished in the Hellfire?

Published: June 13, 2013
Edited: May 11, 2022


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