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Advice to the Salafī Sisters of Toronto

Some of the discussion points –  Follow up an evil deed with a good deed Seek Allāh’s forgiveness for your mistakes When you fall short, when you sin…don’t despair, don’t turn away O Sister! Be moral, be upright! Have your guardian seek an individual (for you) who is truthful, honest, upright upon Salafīyyah and able to provide for you Ask the suitor: which masjid, which centre…who do you associate with (Arqam, Abū Huayrah)? Who are your men (associates)? What will he (potential husband) teach your children? Uṣūl al-Sittah of Muḥammad Ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb or the...

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Salafī by Association: Focus on Women

Although this lecture was given many years ago [cassette], it is something very important for sisters to reflect upon. So that she is solidified upon the path of Qurʾān and Sunnah, knowing the proofs, knowing the evidences, understanding qawaa’id (principles), not merely upon association (i.e “I’m Salafī because my husband is Salafī”), because if those individuals shift in their ideas and principles, will the Muslim sister shift with it automatically? If her friends go somewhere else, does she follow them? Or does she have religious principles that guide her and help...

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