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Allāh Loves to Be Asked Even Concerning Worldly Affairs 

Imām Ibn Rajab

The importance of asking Allāh for the things we desire, whether they be worldly affairs or otherwise.

Narrated by Abū Dharr al-Ghifārī (رضي الله عنه) that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said—as part of what was narrated from his Lord, the Exalted in Might:

“O my servants! If the first of you and the last of you, the human beings and the jinn among you, all stood in one plane and asked me their needs and I granted every single one of them whatever they had requested, such a thing would not render that which is with me deficient except in the way a needle depletes the ocean should it be plunged into it.” (Narrated by Muslim)

Imām Ibn Rajab (d. 795 AH) comments:

This ḥadīth proves that Allāh loves that his servants seek their needs from Him whether it be religious or worldly affairs. Thus, they should seek their food, drink, clothes and other worldly matters from Him just as they seek guidance and forgiveness from Him. As in the ḥadīth: “Let one of you seek all of his needs from his Lord, even the rending of his shoelaces.” Some of the pious predecessors used to ask Allāh in their ṣalāh for whatever they require—even the salt in their dough, and the fodder for their sheep. Among the narrations of Banī Isrāʾīl: Mūsá (عليه السلام) said: “O my Lord! I possess some needs related to this worldly life, but I feel shy to seek them from you.” He said: “Ask me even if it is the salt of your dough or the fodder for your donkey. For indeed, anything that a servant requires and so seeks it from Allāh, in doing so he would have made apparent his need therein and his state of destitution before Him. This state makes him beloved to Allāh.”

Others among the pious predecessors used to be shy to seek their worldly needs from Allāh, however, emulation of the Sunnah is more appropriate in this matter.

Source: Jāmiʿ al-ʿUlūm, 3:662
Translated by: Riyāḍ al-Kanadī

Published: June 15, 2023
Edited: June 15, 2023

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