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Answering the Doubt — Look Who Got “Dropped” Now

Shaykh Abū Idrīs

A discussion on the misplaced fatigue that some people experience when encountering callers who fall into fitnah and misguidance.

The shaykh answers a doubt planted to imply harshness and lack of justice amongst the Salafis. The lecturer explains firstly that the true scales of justice in judging any person and his affairs is the Book and the Sunnah, not the desires of man.

Secondly, it is well known in the Sunnah the ḥadīth explaining that a man will do the deeds of the people of paradise up until he is an arm’s span from paradise only to turn away from it (and what is written for him overcomes him). To turn a blind eye to fitnah, to ignore the reality that people will go astray, is to trivialise the reality of this world, in this case, with a slanted agenda. The speaker reminds us, if the companions did not feel safe from misguidance, then who are we? He concludes the benefit by incurring the listeners to make duʿāʾ and to strive upon the Salafī methodology, understanding that who is upon the truth and who is upon falsehood is a criterion built upon proofs, evidence and justice (not something to be mocked or trivialised).

The benefit is excerpted from the 2018 Summer Seminar: The Methodology of the Salaf in Times of Fitnah.

Published: September 20, 2018
Edited: September 22, 2022


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