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The Behaviour of the Salaf in Times of Fitnah

Shaykh Abū Idrīs

Benefits from Imām al-Ājurī’s monumental work surrounding the issues of fitnah (trials) along with a number of benefits from various scholars.


Some of the reflections:

  • In every time period there will be fitan so we must look to the Salaf to see how they addressed it
  • From the deception of the Shayṭān is that he casts doubts and whispers to the hearts and seeks to cause division
  • What gives the Salaf salvation is what will give us salvation, the time period changes, the principles do not
  • The methodology of Islām has been laid out
  • We should accept the haqq (truth) when it comes (and not be emotional and argumentative)
  • After rejecting the truth, all that’s left is misguidance
  • For those who abandon studying ʿaqīdah and shy away from issues of manhaj, they should fear for themselves in times of fitnah
  • No one can escape fitnah, you will be tried and compelled to take correct positions
  • With each fitnah, it’s the same people each time who are confused, and it is the same people who are firm, this is because their hearts are salīm
  • There are those who leave clarity and engage in spreading doubts, they are attracted to this and pursue it
  • There are those who follow their desires instead of their dīn, putting aside the principles of Islām to reach a personal goal
  • It is amazing to see people speculate about the scholars, their justice, their uprightness, when people have not sat with them and seen their manners and behaviour
  • No matter if you’re a student of knowledge or a layman, do not sacrifice the unity and togetherness of your community for the sake of personal dispute and conflict because your animosity and its affect on others will be your responsibility
  • The Salaf followed the Sunnah and wouldn’t give it up for anyone (a given speaker, tribe, countryman, entourage etc.) 
  • This daʿwah requires men, the predecessors (Salaf) sacrificed greatly to protect the dīn of Allāh, do we honour this dīn like they did?

Published: September 21, 2018
Edited: February 17, 2022


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