Be Mindful of Allāh and He Will Protect You

Shaykh Ḥasan al-Ṣumālī

A khuṭbah by our beloved brother Ḥasan al-Ṣumālī, during a visit to Toronto, Canada (June 2012). He spoke during the seminar entitled, The Sickness and the Cure on issues of disease and rectification (of the heart).
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 أحفظ الله يحفظك– Be mindful of Allāh and he will protect you

Points of benefits:

  • Fulfill the pillars and obligations of Islām
  • Safeguard your prayer – it will protect you from evil
  • Safeguard your tongue from evil – the Angels are recording
  • Control your eyes – lower your gaze, protect your private parts
  • Protect your ears – you will be questions about that which you listened to (nameemah, ghībah etc.)
  • You reap what you sow – you will be rewarded according to your actions
  • Remember Allāh and ask him to make you firm – today, one person is upon Islām, then leaves it, one person upon sunnah, then he is upon bidʿah

Published: July 17, 2013
Edited: April 28, 2022


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