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Fiqh Course: Book of Business Transactions (بلوغ المرام)

Shaykh Mūsá Richardson

A fiqh course based upon The Book of Business Transactions (with focus on the forbidden transactions) from Bulūgh al-Marām of Ibn Ḥajar al-Asqalānī.

Course List: 

Lesson 01: Hadīth #648-649 – The Best Earnings, Forbiddance of Selling Khamr (Intoxicants), Dead Animals, Swine and Idols

Lesson 02: Hadīth #650-652 Differing Over a Sale (between the Buyer and Seller), The Prohibited Payment for a Dog and Earnings of a Prostitute and a Soothsayer

Lesson 03: Hadīth #654, 655 and 657 – The Various Rulings on a Mouse Falling into Ghī (Solid or Saturated Butter/Shortening), The Inheritance from a Freed Slave and Conditions that Do Not Have a Basis in the Book of Allāh/Sunnah

Lesson 4: Hadīth #660, 664, 665 – The Prohibition of Selling Excess Water, The Prohibition of Uncertain Transactions (or Where Trickery is Involved), The Prohibition of Selling (Weighed) Grains a Second Time without Weighing Them (again)

Lesson 5: Hadīth #666-667: The Prohibition of two Transactions Made into One, Combining a Sale and a Loan and Selling Items Not in Possession and the Issue of ‘Inflation’

Lesson 06: Hadīth #668-671 – The Issue of the Urban (Security Deposit) Transaction, The Impermissibility of Reselling an Item (to a 3rd party) in the Place it was Bought, Selling Currencies at Various Exchange Rates, Bidding Against One Another to Raise Prices (Najsh)

Lesson 07: Hadīth #675-676 – The Prohibition of Going Out to Meet What is Intended to be Sold in the Market and the Right of the Owner (Merchant) to Void the Purchase, the City-Dweller Being a Sales-Rep. of the Bedouin, Canceling the Sale of his Brother for a New Sale and Making a Marriage Proposal over His Brother’s nor a Woman to Seek the Divorce of her Sister (Co-Wife)

Lesson 08: Hadīth #679-680, 683 – The Complexities and Rulings on Price-Fixing, the Dilemma of Inflation and the Issue of Monopolisation, Cheating the Buyer by Hiding the Deficiencies of a ProductLesson 09: Course Review Session

Published: January 18, 2014
Edited: January 23, 2022


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