Shaykh Abū ʿUways

An awakening lecture by our beloved brother (raḥimahullāh), where he advises us with being upon istiqāmah (being upright). Abū ʿUways reminds us that Allāh is more merciful to His creatures than they are to themselves. He further goes on to mention the meaning of istiqāmah in detail. He gives sincere advice on being straight, and not falling into the things that can take a person out of Islām. Islām is a complete way of life. It is a total program and we must enter into Islām totally. Additionally, Abū ʿUways mentions we cannot take what is in accordance with our desires whilst leaving off the rest
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On the authority of Abī Ruqayyah Tamīm ibn al-Dāri, The Messenger of Allāh (ṣallallāhu ͑alayhī wa-sallam) said “The dīn in sincerity (giving advice, doing good, doing justice).” They replied to whom oh Messenger of Allāh. He (ṣallallāhu ͑alayhī wa-sallam) stated, “To Allāh, His Book , His Messenger, the leaders of the Muslims, and the common people.” In another ḥadīth, Abī ʿAmr Sūfyān ibn ʿAbdullāh said, “Tell me something about Islām that I can ask none but you?” The Messenger of Allāh (ṣallallāhu ͑alayhī wa-sallam) replied by saying, “Say I believe in Allāh, then be upright.”

Once Allāh has blessed us with īmān, and knowing the reality of this life and the reality of the hereafter, it is a duty that we be upon the Book of Allāh and the Sunnah of Allāh’s Messenger (ṣallallāhu ͑alayhī wa-sallam) as was understood, applied, and practiced by the first 3 generations of Islām. Our desire, our concerns, and what we like need to be submissive. It also needs to be in accordance, under, and following that which Allāh ordered, is pleased with, and that which Allāh loves. Istiqāmah is doing that which Allāh has ordered and leaving that which Allāh has forbidden.

Published: June 30, 2015
Edited: March 12, 2023


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