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May 29, 2007

ʿAqīdah Comes First!

The ʿaqīdah must come first because the only real cause for the differing and destruction that has come upon our Islamic world is the loss of purified ʿaqīdah. Al-ʿAllāmah Ṣāliḥ ibn Fawzān al-FawzānThe ʿaqīdah (creed) must come first because it is the foundation of the daʿwah (call) of the Prophets as Allāh the Exalted said upon the tongue of every Prophet He sent to his people: يَا قَوْمِ اعْبُدُوا اللَّهَ مَا لَكُم مِّنْ إِلَٰهٍ غَيْرُهُ ۖ ‎﴿٨٤﴾ “O people! Worship Allāh, you do not have a deity other than Him.” [Sūrah Hūd, 11:84] The ʿaqīdah (creed) must come first because it is the deci…

May 28, 2007

True Adherence to Islām Is a Reason for Help in This Life and Salvation in the Hereafter

Imām ibn Bāz (رحمه الله) mentioned:1 The praise is due to Allāh alone. May prayers and peace be upon the one who has no prophet after him, and upon his family, and his companions. As for what proceeds: So verily Allāh the Glorified and Exalted only created the creation to worship Him alone, not to associate anything with Him. He revealed His books and sent His messengers to command that and to call to it. So Allāh the Glorified said: وَمَا خَلَقْتُ الْجِنَّ وَالْإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ ‎﴿٥٦﴾ “And I did not create the Jinns or the Mankind, except to worship Me.” [al-Dhāriyāt, 51:56] All…

May 28, 2007

Prerequisites to Understanding the Correct Creed

So make yourself patient upon the Sunnah, and stop where the people stopped, and say what they said, and refrain from what they refrained from. Travel upon the path of your righteous Salaf, for verily sufficient for you is what was sufficient for them. A Censure of the Intellect Imām Abū al-Muḍaffar al-Samʿānī said: “Know that the methodology of the people of the Sunnah is that the intellect does not obligate something upon a person, nor does it raise something from him. It does not determine something to be permissible or impermissible for him, nor good or bad. If the person who heard it…

May 28, 2007

Determining the Right Way

My brothers and sisters, life is short so we must make sure that before we die we serure the key that will take us to al-Jannah (Heaven). All the Praises are for Allāh and Salutation is for the Messenger (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam) and his family and all those that follow him doing good works until the Day of Resurrection. The very first generation of Muslims that lived and established Islãm in their lives with Muḥammad (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam), the son of ʿAbdullāh, had glory and triumph that no nation that existed before them or any that came after they achieved. This is a real…

May 28, 2007

Take Your Creed from The Book (Qurʾān) and the Authenticated Sunnah

​ The Muslims will be helped when they return to the implementation of the Book of their Lord, and the Sunnah of their Prophet (ﷺ), and when they take to the propagation of Tawḥīd, and when they warn against shirk in opposition to its manifestations, and when they defend against their enemies with whatever is feasible from strength. Shaykh Muḥammad ibn Jamīl ZaynūSection 1 – The Right of Allāh Upon His Slaves Section 2 – Shirk Section 3 – The Lesser Shirk Section 4 – Seeking A Means of Nearness to Allāh [tawassul] and Requesting Intercession Section 5 – Jihād, Allegiance, and Rulership Sect…

May 28, 2007

An Introduction to the Foundations of Islām

Verily the praise is for Allāh, we praise Him, and we ask for His Help, and His Forgiveness, and we repent to Him. We seek refuge in Allāh from the evils of our own selves, and from the sins of our actions. Whoever is guided by Allāh, there is no misguidance for him, and whoever is misguided by Him, then there is no guide for him. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allāh alone, without any partners. I testify that Muḥammad is His slave and His messenger. May Allāh blessings be upon him, and upon his family, and his companions, and whoever follows them in goodness. As for …

May 28, 2007

The Death of the People of Hell

A question was posed to Imām al-Nawawī mentioning: “Will anyone die in Hell? Is there any ṣaḥīḥ ḥadīth to that effect or not? If it is true, then what is the nature of this death, and to whom will it happen?” As for the people of Hell, they are its inhabitants, and they neither live therein nor die. But there are people who will enter Hell because of their sins – or mistakes – so Allāh will cause them to die once, then when they become like coal, He will give permission for intercession (for them). Imām al-NawawīIt was reported in Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim that Abū Saʿīd al-Khudrī (may Allāh be please…

May 28, 2007

Laying Down Important Foundations Concerning Purification and Worship in Islām

A comprehensive guide to purification and Prayer for both men and women, young and old – who have entered into the fold of Islām. Lesson Resources (Narrated by Mūsá Richardson) View/Download | 32 pages

May 28, 2007

A Description of Hell

Paradise and Hell-fire disputed together, and Hell-fire said: In me are the mighty and the haughty.  Paradise said: In me are the weak and the poor.  So Allāh judged between them, [saying]: You are Paradise, My mercy; through you I show mercy to those I wish.  And you are Hell-fire, My punishment; through you I punish those I wish, and it is incumbent upon Me that each of you shall have its fill. In the name of Allāh Most Beneficent Most Merciful … In ramaḍān the gates of Hell are closed… In ramaḍān Allāh has some `utaqqa’ (freed persons) from Hell… What is this Hell …