Apr 3, 2022

Innovation in Islām Fundamentally Separates the People of Falsehood from the People of Truth

Narrated by the Mother of the Believers, the Mother of ʿAbdullāh, ʿĀ’ishah [may Allāh be pleased with her] said: the Messenger of Allāh [ﷺ] said: ‘Whoever innovated in our matter [of Islam] that which is not from it will have [what he innovated] rejected.’1 Narrated by Bukhārī and Muslim. In the narration of Muslim: ‘Whoever executes an action [in Islām] that is not from it will have [that action] rejected.’ Imām Ibn Rajab [d. 795 AH] said:“This ḥadīth is from among the greatest foundations of Islām. For it behaves as a scale that applies to the outward appearance of all actions, just as th…

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