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Salafī by Association: Focus on Women

Shaykh Abū Khadījah

A passionate lecture (from yesteryear) to the sisters imploring them to be Salafī upon proofs, evidence and principles, not merely association (i.e. marriage etc.)

Although this lecture was given many years ago [cassette], it is something very important for sisters to reflect upon. So that she is solidified upon the path of Qurʾān and Sunnah, knowing the proofs, knowing the evidences, understanding qawaa’id (principles), not merely upon association (i.e “I’m Salafī because my husband is Salafī”), because if those individuals shift in their ideas and principles, will the Muslim sister shift with it automatically? If her friends go somewhere else, does she follow them? Or does she have religious principles that guide her and help her maintain upon the haqq? If her marriage fails, does her salafīyyah end? This is an important discussion given that it is commonplace that she may ascribes herself to Salafīyyah simply due to the disposition of her family or relatives, but without principles, knowledge and understanding, this association can change overnight. The blessed methodology of the salaf is a path to following the prestine Qurʾān and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Companions and those who followed them in righteousness, it is a path to salvation, clarity upon the sunnah, being far away from innovation and ḥizbiyyah – it should not be treated lightly but rather it should be given the utmost importance.

From the topics discussed:
•    The importance of seeking knowledge (for sisters).
•    The danger of peer-pressure
•    Liberation or degradation – the effect of media upon the Muslim woman
•    Love the people of Sunnah!
•    The importance of accompanying those who seek knowledge
•    Salafīyyah via marriage only?
•    Be thankful for Allāh guiding you in a world of darkness, to the truth and the people of truth

Published: May 30, 2007
Edited: March 25, 2022


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