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Indeed Allāh Is al-Musaʿir (The Determiner): A Discussion on Prices and Inflation

Anas said: Prices became excessive during the time of the Messenger of Allāh (ﷺ), so they said: ‘O Messenger of Allāh! Set prices for us!’ So he said: ‘Indeed Allāh is al-musaʿir, al-Qābiḍ, al-Bāsiṭ, al-Razzāq. I am hopeful that I meet my Lord and none of you are seeking [recompense from] me for an injustice involving blood or wealth. Narrated by Aḥmad and others The following benefits were taken from a khuṭbah delivered by Shaykh ʿAli ibn Yaḥyá al-Ḥaddādī[2] (حفظه الله) based upon the following narrations after the inflation of the price of oil in Saudi al-ʿArabīa: It was reported firstly,...

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The Creed of the Rāfiḍah Regarding the Companions in General

How amazing is this! These people for whom Allāh has attested to as having faith, they (the Rāfiḍah) attest to them as having hypocrisy! Allāh gives them glad tidings of Paradise yet these people say that they are in the Fire. Shaykh ʿAli al-Ḥaddādī In the book of Saleem ibn Qays1  regarding ʿAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib he said: “Indeed all of the people (the companions) became apostates after Allāh’s Messenger ﷺ except four. Indeed, the people came to be, after Allāh’s Messenger ﷺ, of the status of Hārūn and those who followed him; and of the status of the calf (which they took in worship) and...

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The Deviations of the Rāfiḍah Regarding the Noble Qurʾān

I have cited the narration at length so that the noble reader may see these lies and falsehoods in order that he may increase in awareness regarding the Rāfiḍah and their religion. In the present era, al-Khomeini emphasized this belief system regarding the Muṣ‘ḥaf of Fāṭimah, when he said, while counting the things which they are proud of and their extraordinary feats: “We are able to boast regarding the salvation of our Imāms within the month of Shaʿbān; the supplication of Ḥusayn ibn ʿAlī on the Day of ʿArafat, al-Ṣaḥīfah al-Sajjādiyah (the Zabūr of the Family of Muḥammad), and the Ṣaḥīfah...

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The Call of the Shīʿah to Seek Help from the Imāms

So look at what is within this supplication of repetitive acts of polytheism scores of times, and the refuge is with Allāh. Shaykh ʿAli al-Ḥaddādī As-Suddooq narrated in al-Amālī by way of Muḥammad ibn Sulaymān al-Daylāmī from his father who said: “A man came to our master As-Saadiq (upon him be peace)1 and said to him: ‘O my master! I complain to you regarding debt that has overcome me and a ruler who has oppressed me. I want you to teach me a supplication which I can utilize to relieve myself of my debt and suffice myself regarding the oppression of my ruler.” He said: “When the night envelops...

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From the Deviations of the Rāfiḍah in the Uṣūl al-Īmān

  As for the greatest pillar of īmān according to the Rāfiḍah? It is īmān in the Imamate, i.e., the Imamate of ʿAlī, then the Imāms after him. Al-Kulaynī narrated in ‘al-Kāfī, the Book of al-Īmān and al-Kufr’, Chapter: The Pillars of al-Islām, on the Authority of Jaʿfar (upon him be peace) That He Said: “Al-Islām Was Built upon Five: the Prayer, the Zakāh, the Fast, the Ḥajj and the Wilāyah (the leadership of ʿAlī and his decendants). We were not commanded with anything the way we are commanded with the wilāyah; for the people have taken four and have left the wilāyah.” Shaykh...

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From the Deviations of the Rāfiḍah in Tawḥīd al-Rubūbiyyah

Take note of his statement in the narration: “Stand by the permission of Allāh and the permission of Jaʿfar ibn Muḥammad.” So they make Jaʿfar to be a rival with Allāh, the Exalted, that he brings the dead to life by his own permission just as Allāh brings the dead to life by His Permission. They have other narrations concerning their Imāms bringing the dead to life wherein there is no mention of Allāh at all! I have declined to mention them so as to keep the discussion short. Shaykh ʿAli al-Ḥaddādī The Rāfidah deviated far astray in the sphere of Tawḥīd ar-Ruoobiyyah (Oneness...

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