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Tag: Shamsi

The Agreement of Ahl al-Bidʿah in Their Verbal and Physical Attacks on Ahl al-Sunnah

The People of Truth have been subject to attacks since the dawn of time. An old tactic of the people of falsehood to silence the truth by any means necessary. In the time of ʿAlī b. Abī Ṭālib the Khawarij declared him to be a disbeliever, and that is what ultimately justified their fighting against him and the Muslims. We see these tactics being employed today by Daniel Haqiqatjou and his sympathizers who unequivocally declare Muslims “zionists”, “rabbis”, and “agents”, working under the payroll of disbelievers. Haqiqatjou making blanket takfīr on Salafis, whom he labels “Madkhalis”,...

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