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The Character of the Messenger ﷺ

Shaykh Mūsá Richardson

An explanation of the numerous virtuous qualities of the Prophet (ﷺ).

From the Mercy of Allāh is that He sent to us a messenger, as He says in Sūrah al-Anbiyāʾ, “and We have not sent you except as a mercy for the ‘Ālamin.” The Messenger of Allāh (صلى الله عليه وسلم) was a person of great character and virtue. Allāh says in Sūrah al-Qalam, “And Verily, you are on an exalted (standard of character).”

From the lectures entitled “Seerah Course 2010 – Summer Courses”.

Published: June 11, 2012
Edited: September 4, 2023


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