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The Ruling Concerning Music According to the Four Imāms

A collection of statements from the Imāms of the Four Madhāhib confirming the ijmāʿ (consensus) of Ahl al-Sunnah concerning the prohibition of Music. Said al-Shāfiʿī (d. AH 241) – raḥimahullāh – in al-Umm (6/209), “Indeed, music is makrūh (His statement ‘makrūh’ means that it is unlawful, since this is what it meant amongst the early people) amusement resembling falsehood. And whosoever listens to it much, then he is an idiot (ṣafīḥ) whose testimony is to be rejected.”

And from amongst mankind there are those who purchase idle talk in order to misguide people from the path of Allāh, without knowledge, and they take it as mockery. For these ones there shall be a humiliating punishment. And when Our āyāt are recited to such a one, he turns away in pride, as if he has not heard them, as if there was deafness in his ear. So give them news of a painful punishment.

Sūrah Luqmān, 31:6–7

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Published: June 23, 2007
Edited: February 18, 2023


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