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Working with People of Innovation and Partisanship in Worldly Affairs

Al-ʿAllāmah ʿUbayd al-Jābirī

Advice for the Muslim on when and how it is suitable for him to interact with the disbelievers and people of innovation.

[Q]: May Allāh reward you with good…is it permissible to deal with ḥizbīs in worldly matters like business? Keeping in mind that some of the youth engage in this while saying, “I only deal with them in worldly matters”.

[A]: I say: if you are able to keep your distance from innovators without engaging them in any activity—religious or worldly—then do so.

As for religious activities, otherwise known as daʿwah activities, do not enable them. Do not help them build mosques in which they spread their innovation, nor schools through which they spread their innovation, nor printing books in which they spread their innovation. Never! This is because whoever helps them while knowing their condition is just like them, whether he realises or not.

As for worldly affairs, then this is according to need. A man must be well-grounded in the correct ʿaqīdah, well-grounded in the Sunnah and well-grounded against innovations, while having a need to work with them. Thereafter, there is no problem as long as it is needed and he is cautious of (freely) mixing [i.e. in their gatherings]. The Messenger of Allāh said:

The man is upon the religion of his companion, so let one of you look to whom he accompanies. [Abū Dāwūd, 4833]

So this is a dangerous matter! How many men were carried away by worldly affairs until they broke off [from Salafiyyah and its people]. They either became enemies of the Sunnah and its people or dead as it relates to their ghīrah (protective jealousy for the religion), neither having walāʾ (allegiance) nor barāʾ (enmity) for Allāh.

Therefore, if you wish to work with an innovator in the sense that he works for you and you are in charge of him, this is undoubtedly safer. If you need to work alongside him, then be cautious with him and let your interactions be solely worldly. Take a dinar and give a dinar, that’s it. This is his share and that is your share, do not engage him beyond this such that he drags you towards him in religious or daʿwah activities.

Choosing self-sufficiency, O Salafis, is safer for your religion and honour. This is our call to you, our encouragement, and what is most beloved to us is that you have no need for the ḥizbīs, activists, and all those embracing innovation.

Source: Majmūʿat al-Rasāʾil al-Jābiriyyah, pg. 178-179.
Translated by: Munīb al-Ṣumālī

Published: March 7, 2024
Edited: March 7, 2024


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