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The Beautiful Character of the Upright Student of Knowledge

Points of benefit from the lecture From the great blessings of a youth is that he is guided to an upright scholar The righteous guided student will adopt the manners of his noble teacher Take knowledge form those who are deserving of being benefited from The young man should travel and seek knowledge, returning to his community to aid them He should follow them (the scholars), imitating them so that he may have thabāt (firmness) He will have istiqāmah (and likewise his community) if he learns, benefits and then cultivates upon it Observe caution when seeking knowledge, be sure that you know...

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Brotherhood in Islām

  The Shaykh said that he is very very pleased to be here again, and said perhaps this is his fifth time he’s been here and seen the brothers and it gives him great pleasure to sit here again with the brothers; and he made du’ā that may Allāh guide us and put us on the straight path, and may Allāh keep us on that straight path and not send us towards the path of destruction and misguidance. He said that today’s word will be upon the topic of Brotherhood in Islām, and the Shaykh said that what brings us together, or what brings the Mu’min together is al-īman, and...

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The Importance of Actions in One’s Life

Statements from the lecture: “Adding knowledge to actions shows that Allāh’s favour is upon a person!” “The Salaf used to say, ‘Knowledge is not that people relate a lot, knowledge is sought in order to fear Allāh.'” “The salaf used to say ‘ the one who does not act upon knowledge is ignorant.'” “Fuḍayl Ibn Iyāḍ said ‘The Scholar remains to be ignorant until he acts upon his knowledge.'” “The two feet will not proceed on Yawm al-Qiyyammah until they are asked about four things, one of those things is ‘knowledge’...

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Advice On Dealing with Anger

The Messenger of Allāh ﷺ said: “The strong man is not the one who can overpower others (in wrestling); rather, the strong man is the one who controls himself when he gets angry.” Anger is one of the evil whispers of Shayṭān, which leads to so many evils and tragedies, of which only Allāh knows their full extent. For this reason, Islām has a great deal to say about this bad characteristic, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) described cures for this “disease” and ways to limit its effects, among which are the following: (1) Seeking refuge with Allāh...

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Comprehensive Guidance

…order you with five things which Allāh ordered me with: The Jamāʿah, hearing, obeying, ḥijrah (migration), and Jiḥād in the way of Allāh – the Mighty and Majestic. So whosoever separates from the Jamāʿah by a hand-span, throws off the yoke of Islām from his neck, unless he repents. And whosoever calls with the calls of the days of ignorance, then he is from the horde of the Hellfire. From al-Ḥārith al-Ashʿarī (raḍī Allāhu ʿanhu) who said that the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ said: “Indeed, Allāh – The Most High – ordered Yahyá Ibn Zakariyyā with five things; that he...

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The Consequences of Disobedience

What caused Iblīs to be ejected from enjoying the company of the Angels to being debased and cursed? What caused his outward and inward form to be disfigured such that he took on the most vile of features and his inner features even worse? Alhamdulillāh wa ṣalātu wa salāmu ʿalá nabiyyinā wa habeeibnaa Muḥammad Taken from ‘al-Jawāb al-Kāfi of ibn al-Qayyim’ It is necessary to know that performing sins is detrimental and harmful to the servant. The harm that sins cause to the heart is comparable to the differing levels of harm that various types of poison cause to the body. Indeed...

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Death: The Destroyer of Desires

I also advise you – O brothers – to do those actions which will be the cause of love and affection to develop between you. Many people do not truly understand the Religion of Islām. Indeed many people think that the Religion of Islām includes certain bad traits – even though Islām in reality objects to them – because some Muslims portray a false image of Islām. Death is that harsh reality that is faced by every human who lives. It is the one thing that we will all experience – be we men, women, Muslims, Christians, Blacks, Whites or any other type of person on this earth. It is something...

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The Advice of ʿUmar ibn ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz Concerning the Incumbency of the Sunnah and Following the Salaf

Then know that there cannot ever be any innovation, except that a proof against it has already passed, and there is a warning in it. From Shihaab Ibn Khiraash1 who said: ʿUmar Ibn ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz (d.101H) – raḥimahullāh- wrote to a man, “May peace be upon you, to proceed: So verily I advise you to fear Allāh, and to make His Command the objective, and to follow the Sunnah of His Messenger, and to leave off what people invented after him ﷺ, from whatever is confirmed as his Sunnah, and his supply will suffice you. Then know that there cannot ever be any innovation, except that a proof against...

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