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Accompanying the Innovated Excursions of the Tablīghī “Jawla”

Shaykh Hammūd al-Tuwayjirī [d. 1413 AH] said: “As for the query of the questioner: Do I advise him to take excursions [jawla] with the jamāʿah al-tablīgh whether this be within our country (of Saudi Arabia) or outside of it? I respond: Truly, I advise this individual and others who possess a desire to keep their dīn safe from the dregs of shirk, extremism, innovation, and meaningless, nonsensical activities—to refrain from attaching themselves in any way with the tabīghiyyīn. Never go on excursions [jawla] with them, whether this be in Saudi Arabia or outside of it. For the most lenient opinion...

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The Rejection of al-Jamāʿah al-Tablīgh’s Claim: Allāh is Everywhere

Shaykh Ḥammud al-Tuwayjirī [d. 1413 AH] said: From among the greatest calamity of the creed of the tablīghiyyīn is their rejection of Allāh’s attribute of being the Most High. This belongs to the jahmī madh`hab who have rightly earned the label of disbelief (kufr) from many of the scholars from among the pious predecessors, and from whom they have declared themselves innocent. Imām Ibn al-Qayyim said in ‘Al-Kāfiyah al-Shāfiyah: ‘Their [jahmī] disbelief is well established by fifty times ten from among the scholars of our domain. And Imām Al-Lālikāʾī has related this from them and before him...

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The Animosity of the Tablighis for the Scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah and Their Books

Shaykh Hammūd al-Tuwayjirī [d. 1413 AH] said: Some of the scholars have mentioned that a man from among the students of knowledge in Madīnah went out with the jamāʿah al-tablīgh to Hanākiyah. The leader of this group was one of the heads of the jamāʿah al-tablīgh. During the night, this student saw one of the [tablīghiyyīn] from India jumping whilst exclaiming ‘هُوَ هُوَ هُوَ [him, him, him]’1. So he [the student of knowledge] tried to stop him which caused [the tablīghī] to leave what he was doing and remain silent. In the morning, the student of knowledge told the leader of the group what...

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The Blind Ignorance of al-Jamāʾah al-Tablīgh

Al-Shaykh Ḥammūd al-Tuwayjirī said [relating from Al-Shaykh Ṣayf al-Raḥmān ibn Aḥmad]: “It is indeed a true statement that the Jews of this ummah are the Shīʿah, and that the Jews [of those who ascribe themselves to the] Sunnah are the ones who blindly copy and imitate [their religious leaders]. Especially the likes of the Tablīghiyyīn, who strive in the spread of ignorance, blind imitation, and worshipping of their leaders, glorifying them and being obedient to them. They spread bidʿah among the Muslims. They [try to] obligate upon Muslims that which Allāh has not made obligatory. They prescribe...

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Al-Jamāʿah Al-Tablīgh: A Creed from the Creeds of the Ṣūfiyyah

Al-ʿAllāmah Ḥammūd al-Tuwayjirī [d. 1413 AH] said: One of the representative duʿāt (callers) in Layth wrote a treatise by hand and sent it to me in Madīnah. He said in this treatise: ‘The Jamāʿah al-Tablīgh learn this dīn upon the way of Ṣūfiyyah.’ He said: ‘Their creed is just another from the creeds of the Ṣūfiyyah. They interpret (There is nothing worshipped in truth except Allāh) to mean tawḥiḍ al-rubūbiyyah [i.e. there is no Creator, Sustainer, or Controller of Affairs except for Allāh]. They also falsely accuse the ṣaḥābah of being unaware of tawḥīd.’ Then he said: ‘I entered upon a tablīghī...

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Al-Jamāʿah al-Tabligh’s False Notion of Jihād

Know that supporting the Tablīgiīn is a mistake for it is also supporting all of the falsehood they espouse. As for the [support] they have received from the general populace and from those who ascribe themselves to knowledge, the reason for it is only trickery by the Tablīgiīn such that people think good of them. They confuse and disorient people with their apparent speech and veiled falsehood that going out with them [for forty days] and being on their path is from jihād in the way of Allāh.   The Tablīgiīn are from among the most bankrupt people from this prescribed jihād. They only...

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