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The Importance of Unity and the Destructiveness of Ḥizbiyyah

Part One This nation will divide into 73 sects. All of them are in the hellfire except for one. The Companions never differed regarding the foundations of this religion. They may have differed about the branches of the religion like certain aspects of the prayer or fasting or marital affairs. Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymīyyah said: Innovations are synonymous to splitting and dividing like the Sunnah is synonymous with unity and the Jamā’ah. So it is said Ahl al-Sunnah wa-al-Jamāʿah as it is said Ahl al-Bidʿah wa-al-Fīrqah (the People of Innovation and Splitting). Allāh forbade splitting,...

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Callers to Innovation in the West

Muḥammad Ibn Bundaar al-Jarjaanee said to Imām Aḥmad: “Verily it is hard for me to say: So-and-so is like this, and so-and-so is like that.” So Aḥmad said to him: “If I remained quiet and you remained quiet then when will the ignorant man come to know the Ṣaḥīḥ (authentic) from the saqīm (weak)?” Majmūʿ al-Fatāwá (28/231) and Sharḥ ʿIlal al-Tirmidhī (1/350) From the topics discussed: Jamāl Zarabozo’s call to Revolt in ‘The Friday Prayer’, his criticism of Imām al-Albānī and his alliance with Ahl al-Bidʿah quoting the response of al-‘Allammah Muḥammad Ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab...

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